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The ULTIMATE RESOURCE that EVERY Small Business Owner Must Have!

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 Advertising Made Easy CD-ROM


 From the Desk of: Cephas Thrift Shop

Dear Entrepreneur,

Do you own a business or have a product or service that you want to sell? If so, then you already know that you can have the world’s greatest product, but if people don’t know you’re selling it, they can’t buy it from you!

It’s true! If you’re selling a product or service and you want to start making money IMMEDIATELY, then you’ll need to start promoting your product or service right away! As a small business owner, I know what you’re thinking. You believe it’s going to cost you hundreds, possibly even thousands, or hundred of thousands of dollars to advertise and promote your business. Wrong!

It doesn’t have to be expensive if you know the tips and tricks the “insiders” use to promote and advertise their top selling products. In fact, advertising can be extremely FUN and REWARDING. When a customer buys from you, everyone involved wins!

The exciting thing is, the more people you tell about your products, the more people that can potentially buy from you. In turn your customers will share their positive experience with others who will buy from you, and so on.

I don’t know a company out there that wouldn’t benefit from attracting more customers. Does your business have enough customers?

Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to start advertising as soon as possible:

Reach New Customers Today

Think about it. You want to advertise to reach new customers. Your market changes constantly. New families in the area signify new customers to reach. People earn more money, which means changes in lifestyles and buying habits. The shopper who wouldn't consider your business a few years ago may be a prime customer now. You don’t want to limit yourself by solely advertising in your hometown either… there’s a whole world out there just waiting to hear about your product or service!

Your Competition is Advertising

There are only so many consumers in the market who are ready to buy at any one time. You'll need to advertise to keep regular customers and to counterbalance the advertising of your competition. You must advertise to keep your share of customers or you will lose them to the more aggressive competitors. Don’t get left behind!

Advertise to Make More Sales

Advertising works! Businesses that succeed are usually strong, steady advertisers. Look around. You'll find the most aggressive and consistent advertisers are almost invariably the most successful.

As a small business owner or a busy entrepreneur I know you’re probably short on time and money. Each day undoubtedly presents you with a new set of challenges that make it complicated to focus your undivided attention on effectively promoting your business.

That’s why I would like to tell you about this NEW CD-ROM I just found called the…

Advertising Made Easy CD-ROM

The “Advertising Made Easy CD-ROM” lives up to its name. Imagine owning a complete course on marketing and advertising for a fraction of what it would cost to attend a college course or seminar.

This CD-ROM is AMAZING. It has information about EVERYTHING you could want to know about advertising. You’ll learn how to get FREE Advertising and will also find in-depth information on television advertising, radio advertising, newspaper and direct mail advertising, marketing with brochures, outdoor advertising, even the latest trends in advertising online.

If you're unclear on whether you should be advertising, and what types of advertising are available to you, this CD-ROM will help you sort things out and show you what it takes to create and launch a successful campaign.

The advertising information applies to all types of businesses regardless of size or industry. The “Advertising Made Easy CD-ROM” is the ULTIMATE RESOURCE that EVERY small business owner NEEDS in his or her collection.

This CD-ROM Is Loaded With Valuable Information!

I just put the “Advertising Made Easy CD-ROM” into my computer and was INSTANTLY presented with information on:

The “Advertising Made Easy CD-ROM” is very colorful and easy to use. The interface is sleek and professional. Even if you have no experience using computers, you can still use the “Advertising Made Easy CD-ROM”. Simply click on an Advertising Category, and then click on the title of an Advertising Tutorial. There’s over 150 to choose from!

It’s that easy!



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