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 Business Success Toolbox CD-ROM
Business Success Toolbox CD-ROM 5
Powerful Programs For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Everywhere!

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Business Success Toolbox CD-ROM
Business Success Toolbox CD-ROM

Powerful Programs For Entrepreneurs
and Small Business Owners Everywhere!

Here's Your Chance To
Get All The Information You Need:

It’s All on One Easy-To-Use CD-ROM
And, It’s Fully Guaranteed!

From the Desk of: Denver Thrift Shop

Dear Friend,

One of the most difficult tasks every aspiring entrepreneur must face is to find the right tool, product or service needed to do various projects and make SERIOUS MONEY.

Normally, many projects fail before they even begin because the necessary “tools” were not available or just took too long to learn and implement.
That is… until now!

Introducing...the “Business Success Toolbox Pro” CD-ROM!

Projects that used to take weeks and even months to figure out can now get done in much less time and potentially for a lot less cash!

The “Business Success Toolbox Pro” CD-ROM offers a QUICK and EASY way to find many new products and services that can help your business survive and thrive!

Until now, you would have either stored all of this powerful information in thick volumes on your bookshelf - or you simply wouldn’t of had it at all.

But, that’s all changing thanks to one easy-to-use CD-ROM!

You see, today’s technology is allowing us to “cram” literally thousands of pages worth of valuable resource information on one tiny CD-ROM.

What’s better? It’s super easy to use!

The “Business Success Toolbox Pro” CD-ROM makes it super easy for business owners and entrepreneurs to find the exact resource they need, when they need it and most importantly... without going over budget!

Whatever you need to be successful, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on this CD-ROM and you’ll find it in a lot less time than you’d normally spend sifting through the shelves of the library (who has time for that)!

Who Can Use This CD-ROM?

That’s the great part! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use this powerful CD-ROM.
In fact, it’s so easy to use - a child can use it! Everything has been made easy to use. You don’t need expert computer skills. In fact, your computer will automatically start the program immediately after you insert it into the CD-ROM Drive. I told you that it’s simple!

So, What’s On This CD-ROM?

I know... you’re thinking... “so what if it’s easy to use. How is it going to help me?”
Let me tell you...

This “Business Success Toolbox Pro” CD-ROM contains everything you need to be successful! It doesn’t miss a beat I just got through using the CD-ROM myself.

Let me show you some of the things I found just now.

I found:

  • An easy-to-use address book! This lets you keep track of all your customers and contacts!
  • A post-it reminder notepad! You can use this to stick notes at various places on your computer. It really works like a sticky note!
  • A mutual-fund manager to keep track of your investments!
  • A wealth-management system! This will allow you to always know how you’re doing financially... good or bad!
  • An accounting program! Every business needs one of these.
  • A business card creator to give your business a professional image!
  • Multiple database management programs! Any one of these can help you keep track of who’s buying what from you! This is especially good if you’re in direct-mail!
  • Expense report tracking programs to keep your travel costs in order!
  • A program that allows you to send text messages to an alphanumeric pager!
  • Auction Tools that let you easily setup and create multiple eBay auctions instantly!
  • Document Management tools, Adobe PDF Converters, and Macro makers which automate and streamline tedious tasks!
  • Personal Information Management Tools and Project Management tools allow you to stay organized and accelerate your projects.
  • A program full of legal forms you can use! Why pay high attorney’s fees when these forms are ready to use!
  • A blueprint for starting your business! Every business needs this!
  • And much, much, more!

This CD-ROM Is Loaded With Successful Business Information!

In fact, this single CD-ROM contains over 150 programs in 16 different categories that you can easily use! All you do is pick a category... and then pick the specific program you want to use. Click a couple of buttons - and the program is instantly copied to your computer. I told you it’s easy to use!

How Much Does This Powerful CD-ROM, Containing Over 150 Programs
In 16 Different Categories Cost?

Technology is TRULY AMAZING. Were it not for CD-ROM technology, you might expect to pay well over $150 for this more than COMPLETE Business Success Library. In fact, if you could purchase each program on this CD-ROM for just $1.00 each, you would pay more than $150.00!

But, thanks to the amazing technology that exists today - you won’t pay anywhere near that price.

Instead, you can own the complete “Business Success Toolbox Pro” CD-ROM, containing everything you need to be successful, for just one payment of 15.95!

Heck, for less than an average dinner for two, you can have a world class education that gives you ALL the tools for INSTANT Business Success!

Fair enough?

You owe it to yourself to at least see what all the excitement is about!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order now!


Cephas Thrift Shop

P.S. Remember, the “Business Success Toolbox Pro” CD-ROM contains everything you need to be a complete success in business!

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