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 eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM
eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM 7
The Fast and Easy Way To Learn How To Use eBay!

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Imagine Selling To A Worldwide Market
Eagerly Waiting To Bid On Your Products.
Now You Can and We’ll Show You How!

From the Desk of: Denver Thrift Shop

Dear Aspiring Auctioneer,

By now I’m sure you’re already aware of the AMAZING PROFIT POTENTIAL that eBay has to offer. You’ve probably heard about the work-from-home success stories, the odd items people have sold, and the MASSIVE amounts of money people have made by selling everyday items that are just lying around the house.

Isn’t it time you started making some real money from home too?

eBay is the LARGEST and MOST VISITED web site on the WORLD WIDE WEB. In fact, people spend MORE TIME on eBay than on any other web site online making it the most popular shopping destination on the Internet.

Founded in September 1995, eBay is The World’s Online Marketplace for the sale of goods and services by a diverse community of individuals and businesses. Think of eBay like a gigantic yard sale that the ENTIRE WORLD can visit and buy from.

Today, the eBay community includes tens of millions of registered members from around the world. On any given day, there are more than 12 MILLION ITEMS listed on eBay across 18,000 categories. Last year, eBay members transacted $14.87 billion in annualized gross merchandise sales (GMS, the value of goods sold on eBay.)

PayPal is synonymous with eBay. PayPal® is a business solution which allows any business or consumer with an email address to securely, conveniently, and cost-effectively send and receive payments, including credit card payments, online.

PayPal® also provides a FREE Shopping Cart solution and auction tools, which you can use to accept credit card payments online boosting your profits an additional 30 to 100%! PayPal is the primary and preferred method of payment on eBay.

The Buck Starts Here

If you’re ready to start CASHING IN BIG-TIME then I’d like to tell you about an EXCITING new software product I found that will thoroughly explain how to use eBay from A to Z in plain and simple English.

Introducing the “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” This breakthrough CD-ROM contains everything you need to know to buy and sell on eBay. If you’re unfamiliar with how auctions work, sending and receiving online payments, even the terminology, then this CD-ROM is for YOU! You’ll have everything you need to get started buying or selling, available right at your fingertips!

The “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” is so easy to use even new computer users can run it! To start the program, all you do is put the CD in your computer’s CD-ROM drive and wait for the user interface to start.

Simply choose a category such as “Key Concepts for Beginners”, “Registering to Use eBay”, “Finding and Buying Items” or “Selling Items on eBay” and then you will be presented with a list of tutorials to choose from. Selecting a tutorial directly takes you to the eBay lesson of your choice. Navigating through tutorials couldn’t be easier!

What I like best about the “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” is that it’s easy to use, it’s colorful, and I can use it to learn at my own pace in the privacy and convenience of my own home. Even “advanced” eBay users find themselves referring to this CD-ROM when they need a quick reference. You can never know too much about eBay!

Now You Can Be the Next eBay Success Story!

If you’re like me you probably learn best when it’s a “hands on” experience and with the “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” you’ll have instant access to both eBay and PayPal’s web sites. Use the step-by-step pictured instructions to learn a new eBay concept, then with the click of a button you can visit eBay web site to try out what you’ve just learned. Want to return to the CD? It’s just a simple mouse-click away!

The “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” explains what those other books and software programs oftentimes leave out. With this NEW CD-ROM you’ll INSTANTLY have the “upper hand” when you use eBay. Don’t risk losing your “dream item” to a feisty bidder! Learn how to create auctions that will draw bidders like metal to a magnet. You can do it all with the NEWeBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM”!

Inside the “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” you’ll learn the real secrets to eBay success like:

  • How To Sell on eBay
  • Writing POWERFUL Auction Titles and Descriptions
  • Uploading Pictures to eBay
  • How to Avoid Deadbeat Bidders
  • Finding the Perfect Items on eBay
  • Bidding / Selling Strategies
  • How to Spot Suspicious Sellers
  • Tracking Your Auctions
  • Sending and Receiving Payments through PayPal
  • Identifying Spoof Emails
  • How To Win Auctions Every Time
  • And Much, Much More!

Get Started the Fast and Easy Way!

In addition to containing OVER 60 professional eBay and eBay-related tutorials, the “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” also includes a dictionary of frequently used words, phrases and acronyms on eBay’s web site. You’ll also find an Icon Glossary that provides an explanation of each icon used on eBay’s web site. These are extremely valuable tools for beginners.

As an added FREE BONUS, the “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” also contains three FULL VERSION tools you can use to enhance your eBay experience. 

This includes eBay’s TurboLister program which can automatically create and submit your online auctions for you, the eBay Toolbar which provides you with one-click access to everything eBay, and Picasa from Google, which allows you to simply edit and share your photos on the web. You get all of these IMPRESSIVE BONUSES for FREE!

That’s not all! The “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” also includes six BRAND NEW FREE Bonus E-Books that will help you become an eBay expert in no time! 

You’ll want to explore these EXCITING FREE e-Books:

  • Where To Look For Hot Selling Products To Sell on eBay e-Book
  • The Art of Buying Products in Lots on eBay e-Book
  • A “How To” Manual on eBay and the Internet e-Book
  • Advanced e-Book Selling Techniques e-Book
  • Making Instant Cash from Government Auctions e-Book
  • Setting Up an eBay Account: A How-To Guide e-Book

You also get INSTANT ACCESS to over a dozen popular eBay and eBay related web sites, all available to you at the click of a button.


The “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” will save you money every time you use it. If you had to compile and maintain a printed reference library that included everything found on this CD, it could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Right now, you can get the “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” for only 45.95. You can become an INSTANT “eBay expert” for less than an average dinner for two!

You owe it to yourself to at least see what all the EXCITEMENT is about! Just think about how much time you’ll save, and how much money you can make yourself by owning this POWERFUL CD-ROM.


Cephas Thrift Shop

P.S. - The “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” provides you with everything you need to know to buy and sell successfully on eBay.

P.P.S. The “eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM” contains over 60 step-by-step colorful training tutorials, an easy to use interface, plus a dictionary, FREE e-books and even BONUS tools. Now you can learn at your own pace with this INCREDIBLE NEW CD-ROM!

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