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Greatest Computer Games CD-ROM
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 Greatest Computer Games CD-ROM 8
A Collection of Over 500 One-Click and Play Games!
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For EXTREME Computer Game Fans Only...

A Collection Of Over 500 All-Time Best
Computer Games On One CD-ROM!


Dear Computer “Gamer,”

Go to your favorite computer game store. Check out the prices for YOUR FAVORITE 500 COMPUTER GAMES.

I’ll wait right here while you go...

Okay. Now, tell me how much you’d pay if you purchased every one of them. Could you expect to pay $20 per game? How about $15? Fifteen bucks per game and you’d spend $7,500 to get your top 500 favorite games of all time.

Do you have $7,500 to blow on computer games? I know I don’t!

Even if you could find a “blowout steal” and purchase each of your top 500 favorite games for just $1.00 each - you’d still pay $500 to GET ALL YOUR 500 FAVORITES! That’s not even including sales tax!

Well worth it? Perhaps, but, I have a better solution because...

Now You Can Get Over 500 Of The Top Computer
Games Of All Time For Hundreds Less
Than You'd Pay Collecting Them Separately!

You’re in for a real treat - let me tell you! As a computer game fan - I know you are interested in only the highest quality games and I can assure you that our brand new collection is of only the highest quality! You’ll be impressed to say the least!

You’ll be blown away with OVER 500 OF THE HOTTEST GAMES AVAILABLE, INCLUDING: Tetris, Pac man, Ultimate Flash Sonic, Connect 4, Air Hockey, Black Jack and many more! You name it, they’re in here! Educational games for kids, board games, card games, casino games, arcade games, action games, strategy games, sport games, racing games, crosswords, puzzles AND MORE!

How Did We Cram All These Hot
Games On One Single CD-ROM?

Today’s technology is amazing, isn’t it! Before CD-ROMs came along, we had to stick with small floppy disks to transfer information. It would have taken tens, if not hundreds, of 3.5" floppy disks to hold all these OVER 500 hot computer games!

But, thanks to technology (you gotta love it), we crammed all these exciting titles on one single CD-ROM and now it’s ready for you to test-drive!

Take a look at some of the types of games you'll get:

Top Ten Games
You get the top 10 games of all time in this category!

Arcade Games for Windows
You get the top arcade games that work on all versions of Windows!

Action Games for Windows
This one gives you dozens of the hottest action games around!

Sports Games for Windows
You'll get hot sports games like basketball, football and soccer.
Even pool and darts!

Board Games for Windows
Pick from the best PC-based board games of all time!

Card Games for Windows
If you like card games you'll be in second heaven.

Educational Games for Windows
Kids love to learn - and so will you - when you play these educational games that all run on Windows. Remember Hangman, Connect Four and Memory? Hours of fun!

Casino Games for Windows
Bring "Vegas' to you with our hot casino-style games! Win big or lose big - who cares when you're playing without real money!

Strategy Games for Windows
You think you're smart? Try your hand at these brain games!

Puzzles And Crosswords for Windows
More brain games for those who enjoy a real challenge!


Look At Some Of The Games You'll Own

 Pac-man  Dinky Smash  Flash Sonic
 Hangaroo Particle Jam   Xevoz Showdown
 Tetris Arcade  Elf Bowling Connect Four
 Draw Poker  Blackjack  Minesweeper
 Checkers  Jigsaw Puzzles  Solitaire

What an amazing line-up! As you can tell by the listing above, this CD is PACKED FULL of the best games. The ALL NEW "Greatest Computer Games Gold CD-ROM" contains the classics, plus hundreds of the latest and greatest in the gaming industry.

But that's not all! Not only does this exciting CD-ROM contain hundreds of high-quality, easy-to-use, categorized games appealing to gamers of every kind, we've gone one step further and also included a BONUS SECTION filled to the brim with the newest selection of the hottest online games!

Installing your favorite game is a BREEZE. Simply click and play! Easily browse through all of the games categories and start playing your favorite game in less than one minute... NO INSTALLING NECESSARY! An alphabetical listing makes it even easier to find your games!

PLUS... there's a built-in "Help" file with step-by-step instructions in case you require assistance for any reason. If you have an Internet connection you can access unlimited support and FREE GAME DOWNLOADS via the Online Support Link in the Help section of the disc.

We’ve even gone a step further and included the latest versions of the most popular computer utilities “of all time” in a special “Tools” section! These tools will enhance your gaming experience and make some of your favorite games even better! You’ll love this!

Click for a partial listing of the games!

This CD-ROM is very popular with “gamers” of all ages! Thanks to today’s technology - we are proud to offer this exciting new CD-ROM for the low, one-time price of just $2.99!

Cephas Thrift Shop

P.S. This AMAZING CD-ROM is our best seller

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