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 Internet Made Easy CD-ROM
T9 - Internet Made Easy
The Fast and Easy Way To Learn How To Use The Internet!

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Internet Made Easy CD-ROM
Internet Made Easy CD-ROM

From the Desk of: Cephas Thrift Shop Tools

Dear Friend,

Knowledge is POWER, and when you use the Internet, ANYTHING you want information about is right at your fingertips. Simply type in a word or phrase and you’re INSTANTLY presented with web sites that cater to your specific interests.

Each and every day your newspaper, magazines, television and radio ALL stress the importance of using the Internet “for more information.”

And these days it seems like everyone’s using it to “Surf the Web” or to check e-mail.

Over the last decade the Internet has become a POWERFUL and QUICK source of information and entertainment for OVER 300 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE.

5 Reasons Why You
MUST Learn To Use The Internet

  • EVERYONE’S ONLINE! The Internet is used in elementary schools, colleges,
    libraries, airports, coffee shops, restaurants and homes WORLDWIDE!
  • To qualify for a good paying job you need computer skills. That includes knowledge of using the Internet to send e-mail and surfing the Web.
  • You can use the Internet to INSTANTLY access information that interests you! The Web contains a wealth of information on investing, health and medicine, history, sports, movies and any other topic you could possibly think of!
  • SAVE MONEY on postage by learning how to send e-mail. Unlike regular mail, which is now referred to as “snail mail”, messages you send can be delivered and read within minutes, not days!
  • SAVE MONEY on long distance telephone calls by using Instant Messaging, Chatrooms and Web Cams to instantly communicate with your friends, family and
    co-workers— worldwide. Thanks to the Internet it’s even easier to meet people who share similar interests!

Now you can see why so many people are taking advantage of the Internet.

If You’re Not Online,

If you’re already online… keep reading. I have exciting news for you!

The Internet presents us with a whole new way to communicate, new entertainment experiences and a new way to obtain information— IMMEDIATELY!

Recent studies have shown that EVERYONE BENEFITS from using the Internet.

Students and teachers use the Internet as an educational tool, gathering information and researching topics for school assignments.

Singles use the Internet to meet new people.

Stay-at-home Mothers use the Internet to comparison shop, find recipes and gardening information, and to research family related issues.

Senior Citizens and the Disabled use the Internet to research health-related topics, to share past experiences and wisdom with others and learn about Government programs.

People use the Internet to sell a wide-variety of products and services, to trade stocks, share photographs, read about current events, obtain travel information, watch videos, listen to music, play games and find jobs… the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Get Up To Speed…
The FAST and EASY Way!

By now I know you’re probably thinking, “The Internet has SO MUCH to offer… I don’t know where to get started.” The answer you have been searching for is called the Internet Made Easy CD-ROM.

This amazing NEW CD-ROM contains OVER 50 complete, step-by-step tutorials and a Glossary of technical terms all explained in plain English. Also included is a listing of OVER 200 Web Sites that beginners can use to jump- start their Internet experience… each site is just a single mouse-click away.

The Internet Made Easy CD-ROM not only explains how to get connected to the Internet, but also provides information on sending and receiving e-mail, instant messaging, using search engines to find web sites, troubleshooting techniques, and even teaches you how to build and market your very own Web site.

The best part is that the information is organized in a colorful, easy-to-use interface, and you don’t need any prior knowledge of computers to use it!

Unlike other products, the Internet Made Easy CD-ROM is so simple to use, you can spend your time learning instead wasting time figuring out how the program works. All you have to do is select a tutorial that interests you… then learn at your own pace.

Each tutorial contains information written especially for beginners, with picture examples that you can read “on the spot”, or print out to read at
your leisure.

Take a look at the information I found on the NEW Internet Made Easy CD-ROM:

  • How the Internet Started
  • Online Child Safety
  • Getting Connected to the Internet
  • Using A Web Browser
  • How to use Search Engines
  • Bookmarking Web Pages
  • How to Change Your Home Page
  • Deleting Temporary Internet Files
  • Finding Recently Visited Web Pages
  • Online Security
  • Creating an E-mail Account
  • Sending and Receiving E-mail
  • Preventing Spam
  • Using Discussion Groups
  • How to Send Instant Messages
  • Using Chatrooms
  • Setting up a Web Cam
  • Creating Web sites with HTML
  • Web Hosting
  • Promoting Your Web Site
  • And Much, Much More!

You’ll also find in-depth tutorials on how to use eBay (the popular online auctions site), how to download music online (legally!) and how to develop your digital photos online.

This CD contains EVERYTHING you need to make the most of your online experience.

Amazing Technology! Amazingly Affordable!

If this information were printed and put in some kind of home study course, it would be extremely thick. We would most definitely have to charge well over $250 for all the information.

If you took fast-paced college courses to learn all of the information contained on this valuable CD-ROM it could cost you even more!

Because everything is packed onto one single CD-ROM (thanks again to technology!), we are able to offer the Internet Made Easy CD-ROM, complete with all the information you MUST HAVE, for the super-low price of just 45.95! Fair enough? Isn’t technology great?

You have nothing to lose and you owe it to yourself to see what all of the excitement is all about! So, what are you waiting for? Order now! Don’t wait any longer!


Cephas Thrift Shop

P.S. The Internet Made Easy CD-ROM contains OVER 50 step-by- step training tutorials, plus a glossary and listing of OVER 200 of the most useful web sites on the Internet today! Learn at your own pace… then amaze your family, friends and even your co-workers when you show them what you know!

P.P.S. This NEW CD-ROM is so popular that quantities are limited. Order today to ensure that you get a copy! You don’t want to miss out!


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