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 Internet Power Tools CD-ROM
Internet Power Tools CD-ROM 10
A Collection of Great Tools for Using the Internet and Creating Web Pages!

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Internet Power Tools CD-ROM
Internet Power Tools CD-ROM

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Dear Friend,

Is your business online? If it’s not... then, you may be missing out on tons of sales and profits that are waiting on the world wide web!

It was estimated that the Internet Consumer Population would grow to over 200 million people by the year 2001. The Internet population has more than tripled ever since!

My friend, we are already past 200 million and are climbing towards 800 million users worldwide… with NO END IN SIGHT!

Now, those same experts are saying that the Internet Consumer Population is increasing by nearly ONE MILLION NEW SUBSCRIBERS EVERY MONTH!

That’s super fast growth and a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for those smart enough to recognize it!

There could be a billion people on the Internet before too much longer.
The question is...

So, What Does This Mean?

It means that if you are doing business, any business at all, you are going to have to have some kind of presence on the world wide web in order to survive-period!

I’m not talking about having one of those silly single page ‘web-sites’ that a 12-year old kid can design that just has a couple of cute graphics and animations on them.

Nope. I’m talking about full-fledged web-malls that do the ENTIRE selling process for you! Today, many consumers deem you trustworthy if you are incorporated. That somehow proves that you are a stable business and that it is okay to do business with you.

I firmly believe that within just the next year, your business is going to be deemed “trustworthy” based on the fact that you have a site on the world wide web. The question people are asking nowadays, is not “what’s your phone number and address?” Instead, they’re asking you “what’s your e-mail and web address?”

You’d better not answer them with “we’re not online”.

If you do, be prepared to lose some business. Sure, you may be able to survive… but at what price? It would be infinitely better to prepare yourself RIGHT NOW, instead of disregarding the facts and face your business future unprepared!

Listen. I believe that within the next several years, consumers are going to start feeling more and more confident about doing business online.

When the “online buying” stigma is completely lifted, you are going to see a surge of online businesses like never before… it has already begun!

You may see a day soon when more business is done online than retail. Don’t think it will happen? Already, millions of dollars are being made online everyday!

You can setup your own web-site in just a matter of minutes and “tap-in” to this global profit center with just a few “clicks of the mouse!” Or, continue doing business without a web-site and get left behind. It’s that simple.

“Okay, Okay. You’ve got me convinced that I must get on the web. But, I know nothing about computers or the Internet and I’ve heard it costs thousands of dollars to get a web-site!”

I am proud to introduce to you to...

The “Internet Power Tools” CD-ROM!

I don’t blame you for not wanting to spend thousands of dollars to have someone else develop your web-site. It can get expensive… very expensive!

But, I can tell you this. It isn’t going to get cheaper. Right now, businesses are still a little gun-shy about getting on the Internet.

So, companies who create web-sites are keeping their prices low to stimulate more business.

But, when more and more businesses start to realize the power of having a web-site and more and more of them begin to start getting web-sites developed... the prices are only going to shoot towards the sky, with price-tags of $10,000. -$20,000. being the norm.

As the demand goes up- so will the cost.

So, that leaves you with a couple of choices:

  • 1) You can still pay thousands of dollars and have your web-site developed now.
  • 2) Or, you can do it yourself.

I would highly recommend the second choice.

With the all-new “Internet Power Tools” CD-ROM, you get everything you need to feel confident in putting your business on the world wide web!

This CD-ROM is a must-have business resource. Take a look at some of the things you’ll find on this POWERFUL CD-ROM:

      • Internet Tutorials!
      • Internet Access Tools!
      • Web-Page Creation Tutorials!
      • Web-Page Creation Tools!
      • E-mail Processors!
      • Newsgroup & RSS Tools!
      • Image Reading Tools!
      • Automated Retrieval Tools!
      • Security & Virus Protection Tools
      • And Much More!

Don’t worry if some or all of these terms make no sense to you. Everything is laid out for you in terms so simple, a child could easily understand it!

Once you get the CD-ROM, you’ll understand everything PERFECTLY!

Here’s The Best Part About

As much as this CD-ROM can accomplish for your financial future, the most amazing thing is the Extremely Low Price!

Thanks to today’s technology, we are able to offer the incredible “Internet Power Tools” CD-ROM for the super-low price of just 45.95! Heck, that’s less than an average dinner for two!

It would be almost impossible to purchase books that show you how to develop a web-site for that little! Even if you did, who has the time to read everything?

You owe it to yourself to at least see what all the excitement is about!

So, you have nothing to lose - and a whole lot to gain. Go ahead and order your “Internet Power Tools” CD-ROM today! You’ll be glad you did!


Cephas Thrift Shop

P.S. Millions of people are on the Internet right now. Get this CD-ROM now - and you could be selling to them within just minutes from the time you get the CD-ROM!

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