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Welcome to Cephas Thrift Shop

We worked with Amazon for a number of years

Amazon closed us down claiming they do not do stores anymore which is not true. That was the 2nd time.

PayPal has done the same due to our subject matter.

They locked up my main website. The browser is redirected to another page. Reason subject is unfavorable.

Many Christian YouTubes will be a thing of the past shortly. They are restricted and demonetized

First time: I was an affiliate and developed They closed that down claiming that they did not wish to collect sales tax for Colorado.

In 2012 70,000 files were deleted without notice or explanation.

What has happened to our way of life? We keep working around it but decided to liquidate our collection of Books, DVDs and CDs and more.

This website is one of many others by CMI since 1996.
We are a nonprofit Family Foundation, tax exempt. We offer Books, DVDs, CDs, Audio Cassettes, VHS and more, like any other thrift store, many items you might be interested in at a thrift shop price plus shipping.

We are phasing out at a 90% discount on almost all books, 80% discount on CDs, DVDs, VHS & 50% discount on Audio Cassettes.

We do not have enough business to make it worthwhile to cover cost of credit card providers. There are new laws that require more fees and monthly fees.

We'll include an invoice with your order. You can send a check, money order , cash or PayPal.

There is only one of each!

Simply click on this link for your order form to state what you would like us to ship. Remember the item number above the books, otherwise below and Name of the item(s) and $$.

Fill in required information and submit. We receive the order instantly. Attach to your email and send to
If you want to order by phone 303 452 1104
leave a message and we'll get back to you.
To order by email put item Book, DVD, CD, etc. '#' name and $amt and name, address, shipping address
if it is different.
Or send it to
Cephas Ministry Inc.
PO Box 351944
Westminster CO 80035-1944
phone 303 452 1104
leave a message and we'll return your call.

No orders accepted from foreign countries


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